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Sun Motif Woven Pillow Cover and Insert

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Add a burst of sunshine with this tapestry jacquard woven pillow with insert.




16" l x 16" w x 4" h

Who Made This

"3 years ago, I went on my first ever 4-day silent meditation retreat. On a beautiful Fall day, I took myself into the woods to sit and paint. As I sat in silence with the window gently blowing the leaves from their branches, I had a memory of my younger son, the previous year building a cairn (stack of rocks) in the middle of a fast-flowing river in upstate New York. His determination and focus were unwavering despite the water flowing rapidly around him. I re-imagined this cairn and sat in silence painting stack after stack. These ebbs and flows in life have been a constant reminder to me to accept the rhythmical patterns, the comings & goings, the decline & regrowth. During the recent quarantine, I returned to these paintings as a form of meditation and so this collection was born."

- Claudia Pearson (Brooklyn, NY)

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