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Apothecary Matches Candle Matchsticks

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Elevate your candle experience by making your matches a part of your decor, too! 

3” Match Sticks.

Approximately 50 Matches Per Jar.

Safety Matches Strike Match on Strike Pad on Jar to Light. 


Matches: 3" Jar Size: 4.1” x 2.25” 2.25”

Who Made This

Our dream at Orchid + Ash is to not only bring some hygge and love into your home, but to also create a unique network of insanely talented eco-conscious women+ that are directly supported by each and every purchase.

All of the goods that are not made in-house are thoughtfully sourced from small women+ owned businesses around the globe, and we are sure they will inspire you as much as they do us.

chosen with care

We curate our products with a few things in mind. We love brands that are small-batch, woman-owned or made, and that give off positive vibes.