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Morning Light Original Painting

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From her Shadow Play series, this gorgeous landscape from Brooke Hutchens is made entirely out of oils handmade with Earth pigments.
Framed in birch wood.


8 x 10 inches, 9 x 11 inches framed

Who Made This

Self-taught artist Brooke Hutchens is making waves in the art world. Her work has been featured nationally from Texas to Times Square in addition to features in national television series including The Vampire Diaries and Houzz project with Actress Olivia Munn.

Hutchens is a native of Trenton, New Jersey who has resided in Oklahoma for the last 17 years. She credits her early influence in art to her Grandmother Ruth who helped her cultivate her creative passion. Over the years Brooke has continued to make art as a form of expressing her emotions through her work and gaining clarity through the day to day aspects of life. Drawing inspiration from nature and color, Brooke intuitively creates mixed media art that allows her to get lost in the creative process.

Over the last year Brooke has been working with pigments in a new way by making all of her watercolors & inks out of natural earth pigments. She forages her own bits of earth and rock and enjoys the process of breaking down the pigments and hand making her own paint. The process holds a special place and allows her to be closer to her materials in a more sustainable practice.

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