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Heather Vitticore

Lake George, NY Watercolor Print

Lake George, NY Watercolor Print

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Watercolor print on hot press paper

8" x 8"

A gorgeous seascape perfect for any room. This print depicts Lake George, NY.

Open edition.

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Heather Vitticore

Heather has a background as a fine artist, an illustrator and an art educator. Her artwork often exists in this space that lives within all three worlds. Entranced by the way lines flow and intersect, how colors overlap to create incredible new hues and the feel of pencil and watercolor on paper. As an artist, Heather strives to draw attention, energy and exposure to the beauty found within this dynamic, inspiring world of ours.

β€˜To visually tell a story or evoke an emotion, and to share that with you through my work, to have it live within your space, is an incredible honor.’ - Heather S. Vitticore

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