Living with Art: Tips from Interior Designers No. 2

Our newest blog series, Living with Art, will give you tips straight from the pros - interior designers and decorators - on how to choose art for your space, how to hang and display, and other useful advice on how you can bring the joy of art into your home.

Photo of a kitchen with blue stove and art hanging on the wall.
Photo courtesy of Arcadian Revival
This month's tip comes from Bethany Bowyer Khan - founder of Arcadian Revival, a sustainable design and lifestyle studio. Check out Bethany's Instagram ( coming soon!):

Add art where it's unexpected. A favorite room of mine to add art is the kitchen. Find a ledge, a small nook, or place right on your counter. Hang your art on beadboard, brick, or anywhere else that you have a wall. 
Nothing adds unexpected character and warmth like art (and maybe a lamp) in a kitchen. An Arcadian Revival kitchen is often the soul of the home. There is no better way to surprise the eye and please our senses than by enjoying a piece of art that makes us feel great, especially in a space where we collectively spend so much time. 


We couldn't agree more! We love a house filled with art (obvi), and incorporating a painting or print here and there adds a touch of warmth to any room. In the kitchen, why not try something related to cooking like this Tomato Paste print or some French macarons

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