Living with Art: Tips from Interior Designers

Our newest blog series, Living with Art, will give you tips straight from the pros - interior designers and decorators - on how to choose art for your space, how to hang and display, and other useful advice on how you can bring the joy of art into your home.

A nursery with flowery wallpaper and a framed painting of a mother and child
Image courtesy of Ettie & Co.


Our first tip comes from interior designer Eteannette Seymour of Ettie & Co in Saratoga Springs, NY. 

So often we can get stuck in a rut of curating art that is similar. Look around your home: do you mostly see framed photography? Or are you, like me, wildly drawn to oil canvas? Do your best to add variety in your home by incorporating different types of art. Some of my favorite types of art include: sketches, portraits, prints, oil canvas, textile art, watercolor and shadow boxes.


We absolutely love this advice from Ettie! A comprehensive art collection incorporates different mediums, and it creates variety throughout your space. You can be cohesive while playing around with different forms and textures, and various styles of framing. 

Check out our paintings, prints, and works on paper to add variety in your home.

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